Glorious PercussionConcert, Orchestral Glorious2

Glorious Percussion

Sofia Gubaidulina: Glorious Percussion

Concerto for five percussionists and orchestra

Premiered by the Glorious Percussion group; Anders Loguin, Robyn Schulkowsky, Anders Haag, Mika Takehara, Eirik Raude

with Gothenburg Symphony and Gustavo Dudamel, conductor

The initiative for the commission and for the group of soloists was taken by the warm and enthusiastic percussionist Anders Loguin, who passed away from us in 2011.

I Ching, CDChamber, Recording ching

I Ching, CD

Per Nørgård: I Ching

Mark Adderley: Mechanics

Magnus Lindberg: Metal work, with Frode Haltli, accordion


Solo CD on Simax, 2005

HorisonterArchitecture, Chamber, Concert, Photography BRY7956


Concerts in buildings drawn by architect Sverre Fehn

Arve Henriksen, trumpet and Eirik Raude, percussion

Photography by Knut Bry

Sound installation by Bjarne Kvinnsland

Installation by Magne Wiggen


Concerts in 2013 and 2014, and an installation with sound and photographies in 2014

Den som hører får seAudiovisual, Children, Orchestral hørese

Den som hører får se

Audiovisual orchestra concert with contemporary music for families

Produced by Eirik Raude

Video by Boya Bøckmann

BiosTheater bios


Theater production by Ossavy and Kolbenstvedt

Premiere October 2013 Black Box

with Nordic Voices, Eirik Raude, Tove Erikstad

Music by Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred

Video by Boya Bøckmann

SkjebnesymfonienChildren, Concert, Theater skjebne


Music theater production by Marius Kolbenstvedt and Nina Ossavy

Premiered 2013

with Frank Havrøy, Live Roggen, Aja Humm, Eirik Raude

in collaboration with Rikskonsertene

Kollisjoner blackboardsh


SkogenChamber, Concert baerumSkogen


Trio with Ingfrid Breie Nyhus, piano and Bjarne Kvinnsland, nature sounds

Om bading i BiscayaAudiovisual, Concert, Dance biscaya

Om bading i Biscaya

Performance with dance and percussion, sensors, interactive video and live-electronics

Henie Onstad, 2006

Inger-Malene Glette, dance

Anders Vinjar, composer

Eirik Raude, percussion

Boya Bøckmann, video

Rolf Wallin: Das war schönConcert, Orchestral Rolf Wallin

Rolf Wallin: Das war schön

Percussion concerto by Rolf Wallin

Erlend Skomsvoll: DsjåkåccåråckåConcert, Orchestral skoms

Erlend Skomsvoll: Dsjåkåccåråckå

Percussion concerto by Erlend Skomsvoll

Commissioned and premiered by Eirik Raude

Per Nørgård: For a ChangeConcert, Orchestral PerN

Per Nørgård: For a Change

Percussion concerto by Per Nørgård;

the orchestral version of I Ching

Sofia Gubaidulina: FachwerkConcert, Orchestral gubaidulina

Sofia Gubaidulina: Fachwerk

Sofia Gubaidulina: Fachwerk – Concerto for accordion, percussion and orchestra

Geir Draugsvoll, accordion and Eirik Raude, percussion

Bjørn Kruse: AkrostikonConcert kruse

Bjørn Kruse: Akrostikon

Concerto for organ and percussion and strings

Premiered by Lars Notto Birkeland, organ, Eirik Raude, percussion, and Ensemble Allegria with Peter Szilvay, conductor


Assymetrical Music, CDChamber, Recording buene

Assymetrical Music, CD

Chamber works by EIvind Buene

Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred, CDChamber, Recording skjelbred

Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred, CD

CD with works by Bjørn Bolstad Skjelbred,


To be released 2014

Bad Language, CDChamber, Recording adderley

Bad Language, CD

CD with works by Mark Adderley,

Ensemble Ernst

Collision duo played by Gunilla Süssmann, piano and Eirik Raude, percussion


Broken Line, CDChamber, Recording BrokenLine

Broken Line, CD

CD with works by Nils Henrik Asheim

Vertavo String Quartet

and Isa Gericke, soprano, Sveinung Bjelland, piano, Tom Ottar Andreassen, flute, Hans Christian Bræin, clarinet, Eirik Raude, percussion


Aurora 2007


Eben: Landscapes of Patmos, CDChamber, Recording eben

Eben: Landscapes of Patmos, CD

CD with organ works by Petr Eben

Halgeir Schiager, organ

Landscapes of Patmos for organ and percussion

Hyperion records

OffDance, Outdoor off


A dance performance about dance and nature,

by Gry Bech-Hanssen and Markus Hernes

at the roof of the Opera building in Oslo.



Mot HimlaleiteDance, Outdoor mothimlaleite

Mot Himlaleite

Mot Himlaleite,

outdoor dance performance

produced by choreographers Dansdesign.

European Culture Capital Stavanger 2008 comissioned Dansdesign to create a new spectacular dance performance in the snowy
landscape on the Sauda mountains.

Musicians: Hild Sofie Tafjord, Rolf Erik Nystrøm, Markus Hernes, Bjarne Kvinnsland, Eirik Raude

JuvDance, Outdoor juv


Outdoor dance performance,

produced by choreographers Dansdesign.

Premiered 2006, Peer Gynt Festival.


An outdoor choreography for Frya River with dancers, extreme sports, new music and design.

Musicians: Karl Seglem – Øyonn Groven Myhren – Markus Hernes – Bjarne Kvinnsland – Eirik Raude


Dockplats 2010Dance, Outdoor Dockplats

Dockplats 2010

Skånes Dansteater and Dansdesign,

Malmø 2010.

Music by Bjarne Kvinnsland, Markus Hernes, Eirik Raude



Frikar 8Dance frikar

Frikar 8

Frikar: 8

Director/choreographer Hallgrim Hansegård

Music by Markus Paus


Slip HazardChamber, Concert sliphaz

Slip Hazard

Elisabeth Holmertz, Kenneth Karlsson, Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, Eirik Raude

playing contemporary chamber works by Rolf Wallin and Tansy Davies

Laurent Maurice blackboardsh

Laurent Maurice

Infanten CarlosTheater InfantenCarlos

Infanten Carlos

Infanten Carlos

Theater script and direction by Susanne Øglænd

Black Box, 2008

Music by and with Helge Lien, piano – Rolf-Erik Nystrøm, sax – Håkon Thelin, bass – Eirik Raude, slagverk

Oiseaux Exotiques, CDOrchestral, Recording oiseaux

Oiseaux Exotiques, CD

The Norwegian Army Band

Håkon Austbø, piano

Peter Szilvay, conductor

Eirik Raude plays Eivind Buene: Topographics (concerto for percussion and winds)

Glorious Percussion, CDOrchestral, Recording gubaidulinacd

Glorious Percussion, CD

Sofia Gubaidulina: Glorious Percussion


Look me straight into the earAudiovisual, Concert Øreweb

Look me straight into the ear

Contemporary percussion, electronic music and kalimba, video art

by Boya Bøckmann, Jan Platou “Easyfinger”, Eirik Raude

EvilutionTheater evilution


Theater production by FaktaMorgana;

Black Box 2009

SneDance sne


Dance performance inspired by fairy tale and myths from snowy landscapes

By Odd Johan Fritzøe


Music by Bjare Kvinnsland in collaboration with Markus Hernes and Eirik Raude


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